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Mastering Diabetes Audio Experience

May 25, 2021

Doug Evans, former co-founder of Organic Avenue, founder of Juicero, and pioneer of the sprouting movement. He has been channeling the power of sprouts and his transformative plans into The Sprout Book and advising tens of thousands of people on the ancient wisdom of sprouts as a food source.

Currently living in the California desert, he is sprouting daily, growing a majority of his food in his own countertop garden. He is creating a radical shift in wellness through his discussion of growing sprouts and their healing benefits. This nutritious revolution is accessible, affordable, and can be done in anywhere from luxury kitchens to camper vans.

Evans encourages others to achieve their greatest health potential by taking control of how and what they are consuming. His growing venture and recipes have been highlighted in mainstream publication USA Today as well as health and wellness publications GOOP, Shape, Well+Good, and more.

Evans has been featured on notable podcasts including the Rich Roll show, Joe De Sena's Spartan Up, and Katie Well's Wellness Mamma podcast.


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