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Mastering Diabetes Audio Experience

Feb 25, 2020

In Episode 90 Simon Hill of The Plant Proof Podcast had us on his show to chat about Diabetes (Type 1, 1a, Pre, and Type 2) and the role that nutrition plays on insulin resistance. We go through the body of scientific literature and explain what causes insulin resistance and how to actually reverse it.


Feb 18, 2020

The Mastering Diabetes Book is finally finished and ready for YOU!

Writing a book is a labor of love. We worked hard for more than 2 years to scour the scientific literature and deeply understand all the arguments made from various camps in the world of diabetes health. We discuss information and specific research...

Feb 4, 2020

In the world of nutrition we hear about what we should eat and what not to eat, how much to eat and so on and so forth. The internet is ripe with nutrition information and voices that contradict each other, especially when it comes to the consumption of dietary fat. We are one of those voices trying to educate you on...