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Mastering Diabetes Audio Experience

May 14, 2020

Hey everyone, we are really excited to bring you one of our most fascinating interviews to date. We just wrapped up an interview with Dr. B and he blew our minds once again!

His new book Fiber Fueled is out right now and we talked about it in today’s interview. 

If you are interested in losing weight, maximizing your...

Apr 21, 2020

Today we are excited to be joined by Dr. Vivian Chen.

Dr. Chen has 14 years of experience as a doctor in the UK. She trained in internal medicine and dermatology in London before moving into Family Practice.

Today’s show is a bit different than many of our others because our conversation with Dr. Vivian Chen focuses...

Apr 9, 2020

There is a lot of confusion right now. You’ll hear many experts warning you against charlatans and trying to take advantage of people selling products that are not effective.

We agree you should be careful and gather information from trusted sources.

Let’s take some time to separate fact from fiction.


Apr 8, 2020

Mark your calendar for April 11-13. We’ll be hosting a special online mini-summit about COVID-19 and diabetes. Register with the link below!

In today’s show, we had the opportunity to interview Adam and Shoshana of the Plant Trainers Podcast, a husband-and-wife combo and...

Mar 26, 2020

Are you looking for a diabetes doctor to help you improve your blood glucose control, reverse insulin resistance and other chronic diseases? In this episode of the Mastering Diabetes Audio Experience, you’ll learn how to find a plant-based telehealth doctor from the comfort of your own home! 

Laurie Marbas, MD, MBA is...