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Mastering Diabetes Audio Experience

Apr 28, 2021

Learn the secrets to radically improving your health from “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll, who lost 265 pounds and kept it off!

At Chuck's heaviest, he weighed 420 pounds and had amassed a 66-inch waist while requiring a size 6xl shirt.

Fearing that his life was spiraling out of control and nearing an end, he opted to undergo weight loss surgery. Prior to the procedure he was convinced that the drastic measure would become like all the other failed attempts to lose weight. At least, he thought, he could go to his grave confident that he tried everything.

Chuck was just 27 years old at the time and didn’t think he would live to see 30. But then the unexpected happened. He woke up from the surgery and never looked back. Although a critical component, the surgery proved only to be the first step in his journey. In fact, he only attributes 10 percent of his weight loss success to the procedure.

In just over a year, Chuck shed 265 pounds by conquering food addiction and devoting himself to a healthier lifestyle. He’s now maintaining weight loss by eating a plant-based diet. Going plant-based once seemed unthinkable to Chuck, but now it’s going back to eating processed meat and dairy that would be inconceivable.

The confidence he gained from the weight loss enabled him to pursue his dream of becoming a sports reporter. He has hosted a number of radio shows with NFL players. One of the players gave him the nickname “The Weight Loss Champion” after news of his transformation spread through the locker room.

In this episode, we chat with Chuck about:

  • Breaking food addiction
  • Sustaining weight loss
  • His eating habits growing up
  • His failed diet attempts
  • When he realized he was addicted to food
  • His emotional experiences of being 420 pounds
  • The secret to keeping the weight off
  • Where a lot of people go wrong when trying to lose weight
  • and much more



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