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Mastering Diabetes Audio Experience

Apr 4, 2024

We welcome Carleigh Bodrug in this wonderful episode, a passionate advocate for reducing food waste and the author of the new cookbook, "Scrappy Cooking." Carleigh shares her eye-opening journey into the world of food waste and its surprising connection to climate change, as well as practical tips for minimizing waste and saving money on groceries. Key Topics Covered:
- The shocking statistics on food waste and its environmental impact
- Simple, delicious recipes for using commonly wasted foods
- Carleigh's "Scrappy Cooking" philosophy and how it can benefit your health and wallet
- The most commonly wasted foods and creative ways to use them
- Meal planning strategies for reducing food waste and simplifying your life
- Proper food storage techniques to keep your produce fresh longer
- Composting 101: How to turn your food scraps into nutrient-rich soil
- Batch cooking and food prep tips for busy families
- The role of mindset and intention in reducing food waste
- Real-life success stories from people who have embraced "Scrappy Cooking"

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