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Mastering Diabetes Audio Experience

Apr 27, 2024

Ready to keep your healthy habits on track while traveling?

Kylie and Lauren dish on how a little planning and know-how can keep you feeling your best, whether you're lounging at an all-inclusive or exploring off the beaten path. They share their go-to strategies for feeling your best on the road.

They cover:
• Finding gyms and markets in advance for a smooth trip
• Communicating your dietary needs like a pro at restaurants
• Why fasting might be a game-changer on travel days
• Scoring delicious, lifestyle-friendly meals at all-inclusive resorts
• Packing essentials for healthy eating anywhere
• Managing diabetes with ease while abroad
• Where to find affordable insulin in a pinch overseas
• How a bit of prep work can totally transform your travel experience


Give this episode a listen for practical tips and motivating stories to help you rock a healthy lifestyle wherever you roam. Share it with your travel crew and let us know your favorite takeaways!