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Mastering Diabetes Audio Experience

May 22, 2018

Welcome to the Mastering Diabetes Audio Experience! Symptoms of insulin resistance can be frustrating and painful. Robby interviews John and his doctor about how they successfully decreased insulin resistance in 3 days to the point where he was able to come off of all diabetes medication. Learn how he did it along with the other amazing benefits John discovered as the result of shifting his diet to a low-fat plant-based whole foods diet. Insulin resistance (pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes) is a precursor to many chronic diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to heal from the inside out using food as medicine. For the original video on Mastering Diabetes’ YouTube Channel: For more information on how to get the Mastering Diabetes Summit All-access Pass: For more information on the upcoming Mastering Diabetes Retreat in Costa Rica: To sign up for the Mastering Diabetes Program, please visit Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss future episodes! Please review the Mastering Diabetes Audio Experience on iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher to ensure that the Mastering Diabetes message reaches as many people living with diabetes as possible. Thanks for listening.