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Mastering Diabetes Audio Experience

Jul 12, 2019

We’ve got another lesson for you…this one covers a lot of ground, and teaches you some easy-to-understand biochemistry which can change the way you think about your overall health.

This lesson covers the truth about the true cause of insulin resistance (and it may not be what you think).

In this video, we’ll discuss:

  • The true cause of insulin resistance (Answer: fatty foods)
  • Why insulin is not the enemy (Answer: it’s 100% necessary for life)
  • Does insulin cause weight gain? (Answer: no)
  • How a single high-fat meal impacts insulin resistance (Answer: it blocks insulin signaling)
  • How to figure out your level of insulin resistance (Answer: take the insulin resistance quiz)

Unfortunately, millions of people around the world don’t know what actually causes their blood glucose to fluctuate, and this information helped us both achieve non-diabetic A1c values and can do the same for you.

It’s already happened to more than 3,000 of our members.

The video covers a lot of ground, including the root cause of high A1c values and blood glucose fluctuations. Once you understand this information and how it applies to YOUR body, you’ll set yourself up to achieve your best A1c ever.

Take the quiz to measure your level of insulin resistance:

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