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Mastering Diabetes Audio Experience

Feb 2, 2021

Meet Matt: T1D, 700 g carbs per day, 45 u insulin per day, 4.5% A1c.

💉 Matt was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2000.⁣

Later in life, he found himself nearing 300 pounds, lacking energy, and unable to control his blood glucose.

🌱 A coworker of Matt’s who is plant-based began talking to him about diabetes control and the ability of a plant-based diet to help. After watching videos online from he and his wife decided to try eating plant-based for 30 days. After a week, and consuming as many documentaries and podcasts as they could, they decided they could never go back. They both felt great and Matt noticed the amazing blood glucose control.

“I transitioned from a low-carb diet to a high-carb diet and found my insulin per carb ratio was dramatically lower. I was eating 125g of carbs per day beforehand and using about 35 units of insulin, and now I eat upwards of 500-700g carbs and use around 45-50 units per day.”

Before and after going plant-based:
Fasting Blood Glucose (mg/dL): 110 - 88⁣
A1c (%): 7.2 - 4.5
Weight (lbs.): 270 - 194
Cholesterol (mg): 170 - 149
Fat p/day (g): 50 - 30
Carbohydrates p/day (g): 125 - 500-700
Total Units Insulin (ml): 35-40 - 45-50 ⁣
90% Time in range

“My transition was first started due to interest for health reasons but quickly transitioned to an ethical and health reason. I am also an amateur athlete and have completed several long-distance races including full-distance Iron Man, ultra marathon, 24-hour OCR, marathon- all while being plant-based and obviously diabetic. Never once have I worried about blood glucose control and I have never had issues with training or racing.”

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